We are a Computational Biophysics group at the School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham.

Our research efforts focus on the molecular structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules, with a particular emphasis on RNA. We seek to understand how these molecules, which inherently obey the laws of physics and chemistry, assemble and interact each other to produce intriguing biological phenomena. We also aim to use our expertise to develop better RNA therapeutics. To achieve this, we develop and apply theoretical and computational biophysical approaches in collaboration with experimentalists.

We are grateful for support from Nottingham Research Fellowship. Naoto Hori is supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency PRESTO program.


15. Oct. 2023

Jiaolong and Jiahao, both chemistry students from Ningbo (2+2 program), have joined the team.

8. Oct. 2023

New preprint posted.

27. Sep. 2023

A new paper on ribozyme folding and misfolding has been published.

10. Jul. 2023

James Robins and Huong Vu gave poster presentations at the 9th CCPBioSim Conference.

21. Mar. 2023

Naoto gave an invited seminar in the Measurement & Modelling Cluster meeting at Warwick University.

1. Feb. 2023

Max Cutler joined us as a PhD student.

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